The Craig Fahle Show

Discussing Education


Veteran education reporter Chastity Pratt Dawsey of the Detroit Press drops by The Craig Fahle Show to discuss the upcoming school year for the Detroit Public Schools, its ongoing challenges, fiscal, academic and otherwise. We'll also discuss Detroit's selection as the site of a live two-hour MSNBC town-hall on strengthening America through education. Pratt-Dawsey, a DPS graduate, has covered the district for a decade.

What do Detroit's ongoing challenges say about the nation's prioritization of public education reform? Do we need a new model for urban districts? What should it look like? Some experts point to The Children's Zone in Harlem ( as one leading example of innovation. Could it happen in Detroit?

The town-hall takes place from the Detroit School of Arts , on Sunday, August 14 from noon until 2pm. The special will include an audience of nearly 800 students and teachers from across the Detroit area.Viewers are invited to participate in live chats on MSNBC’s Stronger America Facebook page (, and will be able to participate in the show through the use of the #MakingTheGrade Twitter hashtag on Sunday.