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62% of Michigan Voters Polled Support State Aid to Detroit

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Photo | Sandra Svoboda, WDET

The Detroit Journalism Cooperative polled voters outside of Detroit regarding what they thought about the state's proposal to give financial aid to the city. They release the findings today.

Here to break down the results are David Zeman and Nancy Derringer of Bridge Magazine and WDET's Sandra Svoboda.

"Bernie Porn is with EPIC-MRA, the firm that conducted the poll. He says after you boil it down, when people know the money goes to retirees and to help the art museum, more people approve. 'When you do that, you end up with 62% support for the proposal and that includes 74% of Democrats, 58 percent of Republicans, and then only 51 percent of independents,' Porn explained."
Excerpt from Michigan Radio

"79 percent agreed that health of Detroit is inextricably tied to the health of Michigan."

Nancy Derringer | Staff Writer, Bridge Magazine