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Detroit Fashion Collective Director Adriana Pavon

By Nichole M. Christian WDET

Independent local fashion designer Adriana Pavon has a vision that could one day do for fashion made in the city, what Berry Gordy once did with Hitsville USA, Motown's precursor.

Yes, Pavon believes her Detroit Fashion Collective, a new incubation, production and showroom space for designers and fashion creatives, could eventually be just that big of a hit.

The idea behind DFC is to make the city a showcase hub for any new designer, while creating enough local opportunities to stem the tide of designers moving to the nation's established fashion capitals, New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Pavon says the trick is linking Detroit designers, makeup artists, fashion stylists and photographers with opportunities, training and resources to produce and to train in Detroit. The showroom space, on Woodward Ave., two blocks North of Campus Martius is set to begin window displays in October. The DFC's raw production space will operate out of a 30,000 square-foot shared cooperative building in Corktown.

"We are a town of talent, manufacturing drive and creative vision,'' says Pavon. "Ultimately, what we lack is more the resources and the access to opportunities to carry it out right here. Fashion is already in Detroit, we just have to give a voice, so we can keep it.''

In 2010, the Mexico City native's fashion line won the Fashion in Detroit Local Designer Award. But for the past two years her most prized design has been sketching the vision for the DFC, traveling the country sourcing materials and building a pipeline of venues willing to help her feature Detroit designers nationally. She insists it's a dream ready to hit the runway.

"The creative outpouring in this city is amazing. I could choose San Francisco or L.A. but I live in Detroit because there isn't another place where you could come up with an idea and have such a large community ready to share and collaborate with you.''