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Measuring the Pervasive Issue of Blight in Detroit

Monday, June 2, 2014

Photo | New York Times

According to the Motor City Mapping survey, 84,641 of the 377,602 surveyed structures and vacant lots in Detroit need intervention. That's close to a quarter of all the city's properties.

Here to explain what the collected data mean for addressing blight is Data Driven Detroit's (D3) director, Erica Raleigh.

D3 helped execute a survey of all 380,000 parcels in Detroit issued by the Blight Removal Task Force, to asses things like occupancy, condition, fire damage and dumping.

Raleigh explains that by incorporating 24 other data sets with the survey, they made a comprehensive database that outlines detailed information for each parcel. It's the first time anyone has compiled a city-wide parcel-level database of this magnitude.

"For the first time we can actually see the challenge [of blight] in a concrete form and really address it."

These data were part of the Blight Removal Task Force's report released last Tuesday, May 27, that provides official recommendations for eliminating blight over the next 5 years.

Raleigh says the report provides criteria to decide how to intervene with blighted properties on an individual basis.

You can find a summary of the data here at LOVELAND Technologies' You can download the actual parcel-level data at D3's Open Data website.. You can read the Blight Removal Task Force's report here.