The Craig Fahle Show

Getting A Jump On Fracking In Michigan

Monday, June 09, 2014

The Center for Local, State and Urban Policy recently surveyed government officials from across the state to gauge sentiments on whether or not they support fracking in their communities. Craig is joined by CLOSUP Administer and Program Director, Tom Ivacko and Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner, Jim Nash, who has been holding community meetings about fracking. He shares some of the information they have gathered.

According to the survey only 16% of local jurisdictions have some kind of fracking taking place, but in 25% of jurisdictions the issue is a hot topic of conversation. Ivacko says the most desirable places in Michigan for fracking are located in the central and northern parts of the lower penninsula. In the U.P. 90% of government respondents say that fracking is not an issue of concern and they would welcome the industry.

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner, Jim Nash, has been holding town hall meetings throughout the county over the last two years. He points out that the issue is of growing concern because in the past most drilling took place in rural areas but increasingly it is happening much closer to urban areas which creates greater potential for human and environment problems.