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BLAC Segment: Bags For A Better Life


When Yvette Jenkins saw two Mielie handbags at the Detroit Institute of Arts at a gift shop fair two years ago, she was captivated by the colors and designs. She was compelled to sell the bags because she wanted to help make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Jenkins became the only Detroit distributor of these bags, made in Cape Town, South Africa, a year and a half ago. When Jenkins personally sells Mielie bags, she prints out a picture of the woman who made the bag and shares that artisan’s story with the customer. “The love and energy that each woman puts into the bags makes them unique,” says Jenkins. “You can sense the love in each bag.”

Jenkins will sell bags at Eastern Market on the second Saturday in September, October and December. A limited variety is available at select boutiques in the Detroit area.

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