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How Bankruptcy is Tangibly Affecting Your Community

Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014

Creative Commons by Russell Watkins

The New Michigan Media representatives are in studio to discuss how bankruptcy is affecting their communities and what they'll be reporting on as part of the Detroit Journalism Cooperative.

Executive Director of New Michigan Media Hayg Oshagan is in studio with Publisher of Arab American News Osama Siblani and Publisher of Michigan Citizen Catherine Kelly.

Oshagan says:

"Bankruptcy is more than numbers, it’s more than accounts, it’s more than bond holders, it’s more than arguments to the court of who is owed what. It’s also the lives of people on the ground, the people of Detroit, and the communities we represent and how things will change for them."

Find more coverage of Detroit's bankruptcy and its impact on people and neighborhoods on WDET's Next Chapter Detroit blog.

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