Welfare Rights Advocates Criticize Snyder

Some welfare rights advocates say Michigan's new welfare cash assistance limits are the strictest in the country and come at a time when the state's poor need the most help. Governor Snyder singed the 48-month limit into effect earlier this week. The move is projected to save the state about 60 million dollars per year. Gilda Jacobs is the CEO of the Michigan League for Human Services. She says the new cash assistance limit will disproportionately affect Michigan's largest county.

"You know over half of the welfare cases are in Wayne County and Detroit and I just don't believe that the public or I should say the non-public infrastructure is there to accommodate most of these folks. I suspect w're going to see more people in homeless shelters as the winter comes around."

The new welfare limits will take effect October 1st. As many as 41-thousand people are expected to lose their benefits at that time.