Meet 8th US House District Republican Candidate Tom McMillin

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

By Laura Weber-Davis

The 8th US House District primary is shaping up as a battle of conservative records. Republicans Mike Bishop and Tom McMillin are vying for Republican Congressman Mike Rogers’ soon-to-be vacated seat in the House. Both candidates are pro-life, against same-sex marriage, and would like to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

McMillin is a state Representative and a Libertarian-leaning politician dissatisfied with much of the Republican Party. McMillin has also picked up the endorsement of Congressman Justin Amash who has at times been at fierce odds with so-called establishment Republicans in Washington DC. McMillin tells WDET’s Laura Weber-Davis he would like to join that fight at the nation’s capital.

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Here's a map showing the different districts we're looking at for this primary, including the 8th US House District.