SMART Funding Proposals Move Forward

Thursday, April 17, 2014

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The Macomb County Board of Commissioners has voted to place a SMART bus system millage on the August primary ballot. Residents will decide on whether to renew the millage, or whether to approve a one-mil increase for SMART funding. Commissioner Dave Flynn says the millage would allow SMART to maintain service through 2017.

“Over 100 buses at SMART have reached their life capacity of over 500 thousand miles and a large portion of this millage would go into capital improvements in terms of buying new buses for riders across the region.”

Dave Flynn, Macomb County Commissioner

Flynn says the SMART will become the feeder system for the future Regional Transit Authority. The Wayne County Board of Commissioners also voted to place the one-mil funding proposal on the August ballot. The Oakland County Board of Commissioners tentatively plan to vote on the millage April 30th.