Remembering Phelps Lounge In The '50s and '60s: Black Music Month Video Series

Friday, June 27, 2014

By Roger McClellan, Serena Maria Daniels & Terry Parris Jr.

For Black Music Month we put together a five-part video series of sites significant to Black Music around Detroit. We visited a site where Miles Davis used to play. We went to the place that housed the first African American owned and operated radio station. We popped into the old Phelps Lounge where James Brown once graced the stage.

Below is that story of Phelps Lounge. A place where in the '50s and '60s, hosted the talents of James Brown, The Temptations as well as local artist Alberta Adams. (Check out the full series here.)

Phelps Lounge – 9006 Oakland Ave

We also mapped the stories to show where they were throughout the city:

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