Occupy Helps Southgate Couple Fight For Home

Debbie Henry likes to decorate her home in Southgate for Christmas. But there’s no tree in her living room this year. She has good reason not to be in a festive mood. She and her husband Robert are facing eviction on January 2nd. The Henrys are among countless Americans who could lose their homes as they struggle with lenders to modify or refinance their mortgages. Last week, members of the Occupy Our Homes movement came out to support the Henrys, who say they’re not leaving. WDET's Pat Batcheller sat down with the couple in their kitchen a few days after they got their eviction notice. The Henrys say they will defy the order. WDET contacted Bank of America and Fannie Mae for a response to this story. As of Monday, the BOA had not replied, but a Fannie Mae spokeswoman said that the agency has always owned the Henrys' mortgage, and that they were offered a modification at one point and turned it down. Click the audio link above to hear the conversation.