How Long Did They Serve? Top 10 Longest Serving Congressman

Monday, Feb. 24, 2014

Congressman John Dingell announced his retirement earlier this morning. At 87, he is the longest serving member ever in Congress, clocking in just below 60 years. He will retire at the end of his current term -- his 29th.

He said today: “I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me that I would have two years after that of good service or that the Lord would give me the health to do the job that I need to serve these people well."

He served 58 years. More than anyone. He took office in 1955. Below is the top ten ranking Congressman in time served. Notice that Michigan's John Conyers is No. 8 and, he said today, that he plans to run again.

1. John Dingell, D (House): 58 years, 73 days
2. Robert Byrd, D (House and Senate): 57 years, 176 days
3. Carl Hayden, D (House and Senate): 56 years, 319 days
4. Daniel Inouye, D (House and Senate): 53 years, 118 days
5. Jamie L. Whitten, D (House) 53 years, 60 days
6. Carl Vinson, D (House): 50 years, 61 days
7. Emanuel Celler, D (House): 49 years, 305 days
8. John Conyers, D (House): 49 years, 52 days
9. Sam Rayburn, D, (H): 48 years, 257 days
10. Sidney R. Yates, D, (House): 48 years, 0 days

Source: Wikipedia