Michigan-grown Food is Hot

If Congress does not approve a tentative debt ceiling increase, the impact could be felt on a wide variety of industries, including the one that produces much of the food we eat. That includes Michigan’s agriculture industry, which is worth 71-billion dollars. Crop exports from the state were up 10 percent last year, adding millions to an otherwise tough economy. Keith Creagh is the director of Michigan’s Agriculture and Rural Development department. Although the state’s overall economy has been pounded over the last decade, Creagh says farmers have held their own. He also ays he wants to double Michigan’s farm exports within the next five years. To do that, he says our produce needs better access to eastern sea ports. He says a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor would improve that access. Creagh spoke with WDET's Pat Batcheller. Click the link above to hear the interview.

Check out the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's web site here.