Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Proposal Two

A federal appeals court has struck down Michigan’s voter-approved ban on public universities using race or gender as a consideration in public university admissions. As we hear from Michigan Public Radio’s Rick Pluta, it’s unlikely this is the final word on the question. SOQ

A panel on the court split two-to-one on the ruling that Michigan’s affirmative action ban violates the equal protection clause of the U-S Constitution. George Washington is one of the attorneys who challenged the ban. He says minority admissions at public universities have declined since voters adopted the amendment in 2006.

“So there’s people who would have gone, would have graduated, and would be doctors and lawyers and so forth today who have been excluded and this will end that exclusion.”

Jennifer Gratz sued the University of Michigan over its affirmative action policy and led the campaign for the amendment. She called the decision an outrage.

“I can’t imagine that this ruling will stand.”

State Attorney General Bill Schuettte is reviewing the decision and he could ask the entire sixth circuit appeals court to reverse it.