Artist Says Detroit's New Emergency Vehicles Feature Stolen Photo


After this story aired, the photographer, Bobby Alcott, told local media that the image in question, the one featured on Detroit's new fleet of emergency vehicles, is NOT the one he took, although that image WAS undoubtedly used in the original renderings the police and EMS units._

Detroit rolled out a new fleet of emergency vehicles today, paid for by local business magnates including the Big Three, Quicken Loans, and Penske Corporation.

Police Chief James Craig and Fire Commissioner Donald Austin were on hand as 15 new police cars and 10 EMS units were unveiled during a procession at around Campus Martius Park this afternoon. Nearly 100 other vehicles are set to hit the streets just as soon as they're equipped. The new units all feature a dramatic photograph of Detroit's skyline.

Is the photo the same one that was shot seven years ago by Detroit-based photographer and marketing professional Bobby Alcott? He says the image was used for the original renderings the city released, but without his permission. Alcott fears the same image is the one seen on the side of the all the new public safety units. Either way, he says he certainly hasn't be paid for its original use, and copyright laws may have been broken.

Bobby Alcott recalled shooting his skyline photo seven years ago when he spoke with WDET's Travis Wright.

The Detroit Police Department had no comment.