Detroit Councilman Cushingberry Goes on Facebook To Tell Fox 2's Elrick How He Really Feels

Wednesday, Jan. 29

The Detroit City Councilman George Cushingberry Jr. wasn't exactly out of the spotlight when last night's incident occurred. And now, it appears it's about to get a little brighter.

This happened last night:

Fox 2 News Headlines

As a result, the Detroit Police Department is launching an Internal Affairs Investigation. The Police Sergeant in question has been removed from the City Council's Executive Protection Detail and Detroit Chief of Police James Craig said further disciplinary action may come.

So, naturally, Cush went to Facebook to voice his opinion.

Here's the first one. Cush reached out to the sergeant in question:

OK. But then he removed his filter and posted this:

What do you think? Should a Detroit City Councilman behave this way? Or is he justified in his response to the incident?

h/t to WDET's David Cassleman