Tire Sales in Metro Detroit are Booming

(Music – tire machines)

At Arandas Tires on Detroit’s Southwest side… employees work non-stop to the beat of cumbia music… fixing flats… and selling tires. Waiting patiently for his tire repair…is John. He traveled several miles to visit the mom and pop tire shop in Mexicantown.

John: I done bought five tires this year already.

MG: You came all the way to Southwest to get your tires…?John: Yes…it’s the only place to get good deals on tires…they look out for you.

Gerardo Lopez is the owner of Arandas Tires. He says he’s had plenty of business in the past few months.

“I’ve been very busy this year because many pot holes and many customers blow out tires…every pothole they hit.”

Motorists considered this to be one of the worst pothole seasons in decades… leading to an increase in tire sales across Michigan. Mike Wallace is Vice President of sales for Capitol Tires… a wholesale distributor in Fernadale. He says this year, sales have been extraordinary.

“The tires and service business is doing fantastic. The cold weather has crippled a lot of vehicles that are older and the potholes have damaged tires and rimes so people need to replace tires and rimes to get from one place to the other.”

Compared to last year at this time he says… sales are up in double digits.

“Well January is up 20 percent…usually January is slow but this year it’s just tremendous with the weather, the snow, the potholes, the cold.

Back at Arandas Tires, Gerardo Lopez says he isn’t as happy as you would think about the increase in business.

“What we need is city hall to fix the streets. We’ve been paying a lot of taxes and I don’t see anything working."

MG: But this has been good for business

GL: yes, but I like to sell tires when it’s necessary…

Lopez says this winter has been hard on customers who have to buy multiple tires in one season because of bad roads. Last week, the State Senate approved 100 million dollars to help fix potholes and plow roads. The State House added another 115- million dollars for road maintenance. Gov. Rick Snyder has yet to commit to a dollar amount for emergency road repairs.

I’m Martina Guzman WDET News