Bankruptcy Cheat Sheet: What You May Have Missed Last Week

Monday, March 24, 2014

In the city’s 51st week with Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr in charge, there was a mix of news. Here is a recap:

On Tuesday: WDET’s Martina Guzman reported about the record attendance levels the Detroit Institute of Arts is experiencing. Is it the free admission post-millage for residents of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties? Or is something more and bankruptcy-related at work? She speaks with Ann Marie Erickson, the DIA’s executive vice president. Here's the story.

On Wednesday: Next Chapter Detroit took a peek at Stockton, Calif., another municipal bankruptcy of note. Does the West Coast city’s experience offer any insight for the Motor City? Or are the issues too different? Here's the story.

On Thursday: Next Chapter Detroit’s Sandra Svoboda made her weekly appearance on The Craig Fahle Show. She tells us how the graffiti art in her dining room is linked to bankruptcy. She also discussed the latest in the revenue-sharing debate too. Here's the story.

On Saturday: The work week ended with the news that the city is funding its pensions at a falling rate and with our Detroit Journalism Cooperative partner’s MiWeek broadcast revisiting the revenue-sharing issue. Here's the story.

Here's the broadcast.

We’re looking forward to starting this week with the Livestream of Gov. Rick Snyder and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s appearance in New York where they’ll talk about the bankruptcy at a Manhattan Institute for Policy Research event. Watch the livestream here at 1 p.m. Monday.

Find more coverage of Detroit's bankruptcy and its impact on people and neighborhoods on WDET's Next Chapter Detroit blog.

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