Auto Sales Rebound in 2011, '12 Looks Even Better

Chrysler sales rose 37 percent last month…capping a strong year for the automaker, which nearly disappeared a few years ago. The automaker is reporting a 26 percent sales increase for all of 2011…led by the Jeep Wrangler and the 200 sedan. The higher sales represent a total turnaround for Chrysler, which needed government money to survive and is now owned by Fiat. Ford sold more than two-million cars and trucks last year, an 11 percent increase. Ford sold twice as many Explorer SUVs than it did in 2010, and three times as many Fiesta subcompact cars. General Motors sales rose 14 percent last year. Michelle Krebs is the editor in chief of Edmunds' Auto Observer. She says the forecast for 2012 sales looks good, too. She spoke with WDET's Pat Batcheller. Click the audio link above to hear the conversation.

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