Obama Hits GOP In Detroit Labor Day Speech

President Obama spent part of Monday in Detroit addressing a crowd of thousands at the city’s annual Labor Day celebration. Mr. Obama says organized labor has a crucial role in rebuilding the nation AND in his presidential campaign. The President’s speech in the parking lot of General Motors headquarters had a very reelection campaign flavor to it. He said he did not want to give away everything from the jobs creation speech he’ll give later this week to Congress. But he did call for more infrastructure spending and took aim at Republicans for opposing extending the current payroll tax cut. He said, “You say you’re the party of tax cuts? Well then prove you’ll fight just as hard for tax cuts for middle class families as you do for oil companies and the most affluent Americans. Show us what you got!” The President also praised unions – whose support he’ll need in the 2012 election – calling them a cornerstone of the middle-class American Dream.