Obama Brings Plan For Avoiding Fiscal Cliff To Metro Detroit

December 10, 2012 ----------------- President Obama travels to Metro Detroit today to press his case for heading off the tax hikes and budget cuts known as the fiscal cliff. The visit comes one day before the city faces its own financial crisis. The President holds a rally at the Detroit Diesel engine plant -- his latest bid to gain public support for his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. His visit comes a day before Detroit officials hold a series of votes designed to stave-off a state takeover of the city’s finances. Some Detroit officials say the Obama Administration should bail-out the city as it did Detroit’s Big Three automakers. But Detroit Mayor Dave Bing doubts that’s likely. “They gotta be careful because this is just one city in the United States. And if they do something like that for us everybody else is gonna be up with their hands out. So I think they gotta be careful about what they can and cannot do,” Bing said.
Some congressional Republicans complain Mr. Obama’s trip to Michigan shows he has yet to “get off the campaign trail.”