Judge Declares Dearborn Mosque Suspect Not Fit To Stand Trial

A judge has ruled a man charged with threatening to blow up the largest mosque in North America is not competent to stand trial. Roger Stockham may be committed rather than face trial. Stockham has a long history of mental problems and clashes with police. He’d held a psychiatrist at gunpoint, kidnapped his own child and tried to hijack an airplane before being sent to prison in 1985 for planting a bomb at an airport. In January Stockham was arrested in front of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn with a bag full of fireworks in his car. The owner of a nearby bar alleged Stockham told him there would soon be a big explosion at the mosque. Stockham was held in jail and his attorney says Stockham’s mental condition appeared to deteriorate during his incarceration. He refused medication and wrote a letter to the mosque his attorney describes as a rant. He’ll now be placed in a mental treatment facility until it’s found that he’s either regained his faculties or should be involuntarily committed.