GOP Presidential Candidates: Don't Bail Out Europe

The Republican presidential candidates agree the U.S. should not provide financial help to stabilize debt-ridden European banks. The hopefuls debated economic issues last night at Oakland University.
The GOP contenders were unanimous in their opposition to the “B” word – government bailouts – whether for the auto industry, the housing sector or financial institutions. Michigan native Mitt Romney, for one, says despite the growing Eurozone banking crisis the U.S. needs to focus on reducing its own debt. Romney said, “There’s gonna be an effort to try and draw us in and talk about how we have to help Italy and help Europe. Europe is able to help Europe. We have to focus on getting our own economy in order and making sure we never reach the kind of problem Italy is having.” The debate also featured Herman Cain again rejecting claims of sexual harassment, and Texas Governor Rick Perry noting he would eliminate three federal agencies – but forgetting precisely which ones he had in mind.