Detroit Council To Vote On New Bing Budget Amendment

Sources in city government say the Detroit City Council will hold a special adjourned session Thursday to consider a new budget amendment from Mayor Dave Bing. Government officials speaking on condition of anonymity say Mayor Bing has presented the City Council with an amendment that would restore $25 million to the city budget. Council had previously cut $50 million from the budget initially submitted by the Mayor. Council and the Mayor appeared at a standstill earlier this week after Council members rejected a proposed $30 million addition of funds to the budget…and Bing countered by vowing to simply go with the budget figure Council approved. The Mayor said the budget cuts would mean reductions in police and fire service, closing parks and perhaps ending Sunday bus travel. Privately some connected to the Council say it is likely there are enough votes THIS time to approve the $25 million amendment they say is being proposed by the Mayor. Representatives of the Bing Administration could not be reached for comment.