Detroit Council Approves Bing Plan, Restores Budget Funding

The Detroit City Council has restored $25 million in funding to the city’s budget. Council had cut $50 million from the city budget initially proposed by Mayor Dave Bing, then rejected an amendment from the Mayor to restore $30 million in funding. Bing said he was done talking and would implement Council’s budget, which the Mayor claimed would force substantial cuts in the police and fire departments as well as the closure of parks and elimination of some bus service. Council members said they wanted a new budget amendment from the Mayor…however…and Bing says that and calls from Detroiters helped change his mind. Bing said, “Well I think there was a cry out from the community quite frankly. It wasn’t something we were using scare tactics. If the $50 million was going to hold true then these major cuts would have had to happen. But I didn’t want that to happen so I went back because they had an olive branch out saying we’re willing to talk again and do something.” Bing says the final cuts to services have yet to be decided and his Administration will continue working on a five-year plan to rid the city of its overall fiscal deficit.