Detroit City Council Overrides Bing Budget Veto

Mayor Dave Bing says a vote by the City Council to reinstate the city budget Council members approved will make Detroit less attractive and more dangerous. Bing vetoed Council’s budget last week, which cut 50 million dollars more in funding than the Mayor had originally proposed. The majority of Council members say Bing’s budget relies too heavily on “soft” money that might never materialize. But Bing says he shared documents with Council members outlining 30 million dollars in revenue to Detroit the Mayor says is firm funding and would have left only a 20 million dollar shortfall. Bing says there is little way around cutting that 20 million - or what it means for city workers. “We will start layoffs. We will send out notices next Monday. We have to start doing that. And if in fact they don’t move – meaning the Council – and they want to stay at 50 million…then there are many more people that are gonna be laid off,” Bing said. As he has throughout the budget process, the Mayor says Council’s budget will force reductions in public safety. He says Council’s assertion that budget cuts to the police force could be absorbed because there are already many vacancies is wrong, because the department is already too UNDER-staffed to adequately safeguard the city.