Detroit Bomber Wants Muslim Attorney For Sentencing

The man who pleaded guilty to using a bomb hidden in his underwear to try and blow-up an airliner bound for Detroit wants a new lawyer. He says he wants an attorney who is Muslim. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is facing a life sentence after he abruptly admitted in an abbreviated trial to attempting to kill passengers on board a plane two years ago. He defended himself during the recent trial with the help of court-appointed attorney Anthony Chambers. Now Abdulmutallab wants a new legal advisor, saying he has a strained relationship with Chambers. The attorney counters that Abdulmutallab – who says he was operating on behalf of al Qaeda – is “a misguided young man facing a very serious situation.” A hearing on the matter is set for the first week of January about two weeks before Abdulmutallab is scheduled to be sentenced.