Detroit Bomber Trial Opens

Opening statements began today (Tues.) in the trial of a man accused of trying to blow up an airplane on Christmas Day, 2009, with explosives hidden in his underwear. The government is painting a picture of a desperate situation aboard the aircraft. Prosecutors allege that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab spent a long time in the bathroom of the airplane bound for Detroit – purifying and preparing himself to commit suicide and take nearly 300 others with him. The government laid-out the tense moments it claims followed on the plane – saying Abdulmutallab sat down, covered his head and shoulders with a blanket, and minutes later erupted into a fireball. It took flight attendants with fire extinguishers to douse the flames. The government says Abdulmutallab later told several people on the plane he was carrying an explosive device. He’s acting as his own attorney, but delayed making his own opening statement. But his court-appointed advisor has said that any bomb that would not actually detonate, should not be counted as a weapon of murder.