City, Union Vow To Meet Over Bus Delays

Unions representing Detroit bus workers pledge to meet with the Bing Administration this week to discuss how to increase pick-up times on city bus routes. City officials have been flooded with complaints in recent weeks about lengthy delays in bus service. Terrence King is in charge of transportation for the Bing Administration. He said union mechanics are intentionally slowing repairs in retaliation for the city limiting overtime pay. King alleges the union is putting passengers and even some of its own members at risk. “We’ve gotten complaints that some of these mechanics are being followed home. That they’re being intimidated in the parking lot,” King said. Union representatives deny that claim. They say delays in bus service stem from a shortage of mechanics following mandatory lay-offs and vehicles that are outsourced for repairs but still malfunction, forcing city workers to spend time fixing them. At a City Council hearing last week several Detroiters said the city needs to develop methods to alert riders about potential delays along various routes. Administration officials say they will attempt to devise such a warning system.