Chevy Targets Young Customers

Officials with General Motors say they are focusing on building brand loyalty with customers aged 30 and younger. GM officials estimate the so-called Millennial generation is 80 million people strong – and the largest potential base of car buyers in the U.S. So the President of GM North America – Mark Reuss – says Chevy has designed the Tru and Code concept cars, which were unveiled at the North American International Auto Show, with an emphasis on styling and digital accommodation surveys show younger customers want.
“Who really knows if it’s possible to make young people fall in love with an automobile brand the way they do with their phone, their laptop or their social network? But all I can tell you, if there’s a way to do it Chevrolet is going to find it.” Reuss says the company has not yet created the interiors for the two concept cars because they want to hear from customers in Detroit and at future auto shows about what they would like to have most inside the vehicles.