Car Czar To Leave White House

The Obama Administration’s so-called “car czar” is stepping down. Ron Bloom has been an integral part of the Administration’s efforts concerning the auto industry. He helped orchestrate the bankruptcies and bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler, reportedly being one of the few to push to fund the Auburn Hills-based car company. More recently he helped negotiate new fuel economy standards that are about double the current limits for cars and light trucks. Critics chastised Bloom – a former adviser to the United Steelworkers union – for being too soft on organized labor. Bloom at first flatly denied that he had said during the time of the auto bailouts that he – quote – “did this all for the unions.” He later said he was not sure if he had made the remark, but if he had it would have been as a joke. In a statement President Obama praised Bloom for helping Detroit’s Big 3 return to profitability and for pushing fuel standards the White House says will eventually save consumers money at the pump.