Bing To Deliver State Of City With Detroit At Financial Crossroads

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing delivers his annual State of the City address tonight. The speech is scheduled to be given from the 13th floor auditorium at the Coleman Young Municipal Center, rather than at its typical venue – the Max. M. Fisher Music Center. It’s a more austere setting as the Mayor prepares to discuss the budget crisis that could force the state to take over Detroit’s finances. The city still appears likely to run out of cash by next month and have a 50 million dollar deficit in May. The Bing Administration has negotiated deals -- including concessions from the city’s 48 unions – that the Mayor says will gain enough savings to stave off insolvency. But critics contend that the contracts are temporary and only a short-term fix to a long-term structural problem with the city’s finances. A financial review team is expected to give its recommendations to Governor Snyder at the end of the month.