Flint Fire Department Denied Federal Grant Worth Nearly $8 Million

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

By David Cassleman

Federal officials have denied Flint’s request for millions of dollars in aid for the city’s fire department.

Flint applied to the Federal Emergency Management Agency this year for a grant worth nearly eight million dollars.

The city’s state-appointed Emergency Manager is Darnell Earley.

He says his office is considering a range of options to cut costs, including laying-off fire fighters and closing fire stations.

“Everything is on the table … absolutely. I mean you don’t make up those kinds of lost revenues without taking a holistic look at the operation. Our goal is to continuously maintain the highest quality of fire prevention that Flint can afford.”

Earley says the fire department has been preparing a back up plan for months.

He says Flint has received a similar federal grant for the past two years.