Michigan Lawmakers to Obama: Help Fund Detroit-Windsor Bridge

Monday, March 3, 2014

Photo courtesy of Toledo Blade

Michigan’s Democratic members of Congress are calling for President Obama to appoint a White House official who can assist with the new Detroit-Windsor bridge project. The official would help consider funding options for the development of a $250 million dollar U.S. Customs plaza on the Detroit side of the New International Trade Crossing. Congressman Gary Peters says bipartisan support for the funding is vital keep the new bridge project moving forward.

“The construction of the second bridge is a necessary infrastructure project for the whole country. And I think we can make a very, very strong case for that. Having said that dealing in congress especially with the republican controlled house that I deal in, it is not an easy thing to do that’s why certainly hopefully working with Governor Snyder that he can convince some of his republican colleagues that they need to be on to this project. And that’s going to be very important.” - Congressman Gary Peters

Peters says every year the U.S. delays funding for the international bridge, there’s less economic opportunity for the state. He says the project would help Michigan create hundreds of construction jobs.