WDET Leadership Gifts

WDET Leadership Circle Benefits

A special circle of philanthropy, the Leadership Circle has the following giving levels:

Platinum Tier Leadership Circle Members
contribute $25,000 or more

Gold Tier Leadership Circle Members
contribute $10,000 or more

Silver Tier Leadership Circle Members
contribute $5,000 to $9,999

Leadership Circle Members
contribute $1,000 to $4,999

WDET extends sincere thanks to our donors.

Leadership Circle Gifts

October 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010

Leadership Circle Platinum Tier
$25,000 and above

Patrick and Tricia Olson

Leadership Circle Silver Tier

Anonymous (1)
Vivian Day and John W. Stroh, III
George and Jo Elyn Nyman

Leadership Circle

Anonymous (9)
Toby Barlow
Madeleine and Mandell Berman
Stanley M. Berry, M.D.
Kanta Bhambhani and Yaddanapudi Ravisdranath
Henry Bowers
Valerie and Robert Brincheck
Dr. Brooke Ellen Budde
David A. Burks, M.D.
Bruce Carl, M.D.
Laura Champagne and David Frankel
Susan Couch
Kimberly Dickens
Deborah Diers
Tom and Denise Dinan-Panico
Mary Jo Ebert
John and Debbie Erb
Robert S. Fink, Ph.D.
Dan and Jean Fletcher
Andrew and Pamela Folgmann
Ryan Fringer
Jeffrey Gabrielson
David Green
Allo Greer
Carl Hendrickson
Brian Joseph
Danialle and Peter Karmanos
Chene Koppitz
Susan Kornfield
Kathy and Bruce Krauskopf
Kristin and Bob Lenz
Bob and Judith Swanson Leonard
Tom and Judy Lewandowski
Todd Lininger
Leslie Ann and John David Nilsson
Edward A. Nol, M.D.
Silas Norman, Jr., M.D.
William F. Oppat, M.D.
Katie and Peter Pasque
Victoria A. Roberts
Felix Rogers, M.D.
William and Janet Shenefelt
Susan and John Shirkey
Jeffery Shulak, M.D.
Sarah and J. Charles Smith
Thomas M. Smith and Marie Vanerian
Danielle and David Susser
James Tamm and Kim Harrison
Danielle and Brett Todd
Helen and Mike Vlasic
Tyler Wesorick, M.D.
J. Ernest Wilde

The generosity of the WDET Leadership Circle is deeply appreciated.

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