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Sep 27

Mix @ The Max feat. Fifth House Ensemble

Saturday, September 27th
9 p.m.

Venue: Max M. Fisher Music Center
Organization: Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Cost: Free

Expect the Unexpected. Mix @ The Max delivers a new curated musical or cultural experience to Midtown Detroit every month. Mix. Mingle. Drink. Listen.

Fifth House Ensemble presents Black Violet II, a multi-media narrative chamber music collaboration featuring the work of Chicago graphic novelist Ezra Claytan Daniels. Centered during the last outbreak of the plague in London, the gripping performance melds vivid imagery and riveting narrative with music of the highest caliber as graphic novel slides illustrate the story.

Start your evening early with snacks and drinks in the Atrium and join us for the after party at Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown.

Don't miss this FREE event.

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