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  • Jul 27

    Johnny Headband are a Hot Button Topic

    by: Travis Wright

    Johnny Headband are a bold band, deceptively smart and danceable. One writer said they sound like Ween meshed with Prince at his sexiest.

  • Jul 20

    Ferndale Gains "Found Sound"

    by: Rob St. Mary

    Record stores have become harder to find in Metro Detroit over the past few years. The local chain Harmony House no longer exists and neither do long-standing indie shops like Record Time and Car City Records. But, a few new places have opened recently like UHF in Royal Oak. And, now, another new record store with a heavy emphasis on vinyl is opening in Ferndale on Saturday. It’s called Found Sound. Ray Hayosh and Chris Butterfield are former record store employees who manage Found Sound. They spoke to WDET’s Rob St. Mary.

  • Sep 16

    The Return of Vinyl : Buying, Selling, and Collecting Records - The Craig Fahle Show

    Guests Jeff Bubeck and Brad Hales join Craig to discuss the growing popularity of vinyl in the age of iPods and MP3s.