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  • Jan 19

    Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science, Space, Education, and Kids

    by: J. Carlisle Larsen

    If you’ve watched Fox Television’s revamped ‘Cosmos’; or, watched a documentary on space; or, have even spent some time navigating Twitter, you have more than likely crossed paths with Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’ll be in Detroit on January 28th to deliver a lecture. He recently spoke with WDET’s J. Carlisle Larsen about the talks he gives and what influences them.

  • Aug 13

    Moon Outshines Meteor Shower

    by: Pat Batcheller

    Perseids compete with a nearly full moon for your astronomical attention.

  • May 23

    Look North Saturday To See Some New Meteors!

    by: Pat Batcheller

    Is this the first hipster meteor shower? Because it comes from a constellation you probably never heard of.

  • Apr 25

    To See The Stars, Head To The Headlands International Dark Sky Park

    by: J. Carlisle Larsen

    Saturday marks the last day of International Dark Sky Week. The week aims to raise awareness about the problem of light pollution and encourage more interest in astronomy. Michigan is home to a new dark sky park near Mackinaw City. WDET's J. Carlisle Larsen has more.